City of Temple Terrace Customer Service

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Fire Forms

  1. AED Registration Form

    This form should be completed when a new AED is being placed into service within the City of Temple Terrace Fire Department's response... More…

  2. Fire Records Request
  3. Knox Box Request

    This form is used for residents to request a residential Knox Box.

  4. Open House Survey 2019

    This form is used to collect data from the 2019 Open House

  5. RENEWAL - Residential Rental Housing Permit Application
  6. Rental Housing Permit - Exemption Form
  7. Smoke Alarm Install Request

    This form shall be completed when City of Temple Terrace residents want to request the installation of free smoke alarms.

  1. Burn Permit Application
  2. Fireworks Permit

    To Sell Only State of Florida Approved Fireworks

  3. Medical Record Request
  4. Public Education / Demo Request

    This form shall be completed when a school or organization wants to request a fire safety demonstration/presentation.

  5. Rental Housing Inspection Items
  6. Residential Fire and Life Safety Checklist