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Zoning Verification Letter Procedure

  1. Procedure for Obtaining a Zoning Verification Letter
    The City of Temple Terrace will certify the zoning of property by using the following procedures. Please send your request for zoning verification letter to the address below:
  2. City of Temple Terrace
    Community Development Department 11250 N 56th Street Temple Terrace, FL 33617
  3. All requests must be in writing and contain the following required items:
  4. 1. A legible address of the property.
  5. 2. A legible property identification number or folio number of the property.
  6. 3. A check for $150.00 (if residential) and $250.00 (if commercial) made payable to the City of Temple Terrace.
  7. 4. Indicate the recipient's name and mailing address to be included in the letter.
  8. 5. Provide an e-mail address if you would like a scanned (.pdf) copy of the letter.
  9. You will receive from our office a letter certifying the zoning, the conditions of zoning, if applicable, and the section of the Zoning Code that governs the permitted uses in the zoning district.
  11. The Zoning Verification Letter does not indicate a development’s conformance with the standards contained in the Zoning Code, the Land Development Regulations, or conformance with Building Codes and Fire Codes. If such information is needed, you must contact the applicable City Department directly.
  12. If you need additional information, please contact the Community Development Department at 813-506-6470.
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